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    2016 Issue 6

    Albany divided over student levy

    The allocation of the Student Services Levy has drawn mixed responses from Albany students, with one student questioning whether or not they should have to pay the compulsory fee in the first place. According to [...]
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    2016 Issue 6

    No show for photography club

    A proposed photography club on the Albany campus has seen lots of interest, but there appear to be no further plans to make the club official. Heuilin Huang posted on the Albany Students’ Association Facebook [...]
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    2016 Issue 6

    Students roll up sleeves for blood drive

    Albany students turned out in force to donate blood during the New Zealand Blood Service’s drive on campus. Beth Brennan, donor recruiter and event organizer, said it was important for students to get involved in donating [...]
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    2016 Issue 6

    High-Rise (2015)

    Director: Ben Wheatley, Starring; Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Luke Evans, Elizabeth Moss Rating; 4/5 Somehow more relevant than ever, J.G. Ballard’s vision of the near future is a genre all to itself, boldly subversive in [...]
  • masseyrugby
    2016 Issue 6

    Massey Rugby: The Biggest and the Best

    With seven teams and 220 players registered, it’s no surprise Massey University Rugby is the biggest club in the Manawatu. The club features not only size but talent, having taken our the Premier Division title [...]
2016 Issue 5

Wellington is the arsehole of New Zealand

May 10, 2016 1

Wellington enjoys a charmed reputation as a cultured and hip city to live in. Even objective international commentators like Lonely Planet seem to have fallen for its charms, saying: “Everyone here looks arty and a […]