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  • groeni (Custom)

    Weekly music round up #34

    Breaking down the best new releases each week for your interest, this week we have a listen to Groeni, Kurt Vile, Deerhunter, and Kelela. Groeni – Hinde (Self Released) [Read more]
  • Capture.PNGsdfgsgdfgd

    Apple rose tart

    I am the world’s biggest culinary fraud, surprise surprise. Hate the player not the game – or is it the other way around? I forget. So, to impress my long-lost [Read more]
  • L1120580

    How to be a metaphorical cake

    I am forever inspired by my friend and flatmate’s culinary expertise. Deanna Dowling, artist and shining star has attempted to school me of course but I reside to the [Read more]
In the spotlight

Are modern students over politics?

by Carwyn in 2015 ISSUE 8

Carwyn Walsh discusses how student politics have changed over the years, analysing whether today’s students are becoming increasingly apathetic or simply using different methods to protest. In Ivan Turgenev’s 1862 novel Fathers and Sons, two idealistic students return to their provincial homes and, for much of the novel, spend their time clashing against the values and politics of their father’s generation. Following a particularly heated exchange, an exasperated older character laments: [Read more]


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