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    Local Feature

    Flatfish reeling in Wellington renters

    As Wellington’s renting market explodes and the student population grows in size, it’s a wonder why an app like Flatfish, dedicated to ‘helping you rent happy’, seems to be running in a one horse race. [...]
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    The Life and Times of a Blackcaps’ supporter

      Apart from Donald Trump’s hair stylist, being a Blackcaps supporter is the hardest and most stressful role you will ever perform. I have been a lifelong Blackcaps supporter and can safely say, cheering them [...]
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    Why does Tennis produce Assholes?

    These are scenes we see all too often. A tennis player, bent over, screaming into the ground as they smash their racket to pieces. If it’s not that, they’re yelling at the umpire, berating what [...]
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    2016 Issue 12

    Lucy Keane the second-hand Queen Issue 12

    Palmerston North Coasters             After wearing my beloved ‘Palmerston North: More Than Just a Great Place to Shop’ tee shirt to work the other night, I was reminded of the [...]
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    2017 ASA exec team elected

    Lance Walsh, this year’s administration vice-president, has been elected as the 2017 ASA president. Walsh says that he was “kind of disappointed” about the lack of student engagement in the election, with fewer students voting [...]
“We knew that there were guys in the workforce that were in the club that could potentially jeopardise our job opportunities.”
2016 Issue 12

‘Secret out’ on ‘sexist’ society of male vets

October 5, 2016 0

A number of current and former Veterinary Science students have made allegations suggesting the existence of a secretive society of male vets in New Zealand, with one current student claiming that membership of the society […]