You know what time it is! Or do you?

By Leilani Baker

Notice anything different about your classrooms since last semester? Probably not, but some students and lecturers have.

Beside the whiteboards in the tutorial rooms is an empty space where a clock once hung.

Journalism lecturer, Catherine Strong highlighted this issue in her class last semester when she noticed the absence of a clock in her classroom.

Strong says this is a hurdle when teaching.

“It was difficult in a two-hour block to direct student groups to spend 10 minutes on this question and five minutes on that one.

“Also it meant I was always being rude looking down at my cell phone” she says.

Strong contacted Wellington Facilities Management who said it is their policy to not have clocks in the classrooms because of the extra time and effort to replace batteries every so often.

“I brought in my own wall clock, but they don’t like you putting hooks or anything on classroom walls,” Strong says.
Facilities Management say there is no record of them removing the clocks from their classrooms. They suggest perhaps lecturers have been removing the clocks so students aren’t watching the time in class.

Journalism student, Rachel Moore says she has noticed the lack of clocks in her classes.

“There were definitely clocks in my classes last year” she says.

Moore explains how this is a hassle for her.

“Some of my lectures have a strict policy about phones out in class, so I always have to sneak my phone under the desk just to check the time,” she says.

The missing clocks remain a bit of a mystery and with a bit of finger pointing going on, it doesn’t look like we will be getting clocks in our classrooms anytime soon.

Staff and students will just have to utilise other devices to keep track of time.

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