Wonder woman workshops wrestle with well-being worriment

By Adam Pearse

A new series of workshops, which focuses on educating women on how proper diet and exercise can lead to a better quality of life, is set to hit Massey.

Beginning on August 2, the workshop topics include ‘Female-Specific Nutrition’, ‘Training the Female Body’, ‘Are You Eating Enough’, and ‘Mood Food’.

Series Coordinator, Orla Pettman, says the workshops aim to uncover the secrets to total holistic health.

“It is a journey into the unique biochemistry of the female body and mind, to discover how diet, exercise and self-esteem best combine to create total holistic health.”

Pettman emphasises there is a difference between men and women when it comes to well-being and stresses that our approaches to nutrition and training need to be just as diverse.

“Women and men are different – physically, biochemically, emotionally and psychologically and these things can change on a daily basis as the by-product of what our hormones are, or are not, doing.

“This means that when it comes to nutrition, exercise/training, recovery, performance, our mindset and our response to stress, women and men have different needs holistically.”

The initiative came about through Massey research scientist, Carlene Stark whom upon talking with Pettman, decided that women needed to learn more about how their bodies work and what they need.

“On one of ‘Stark’s’ visits to the Rec Centre, we got chatting about her passion for female-specific health and wellness, particularly in exercising women and athletes and so was born the “Wonder Woman Series”.

“Her approach to female nutrition and health combines both scientific knowledge with personal experience, as well as the role of the media and body image messages on self-esteem.”

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