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Students’ associations throw acronyms around like a deflated old rugby ball. ‘SGM’ is one of them. It stands for ‘Special General Meeting’, and it’s a lot less scary than you think. Hey, the word ‘special’ should suddenly raise questions like “what makes a meeting special, let alone this particular one?” Well, let me break it down for you wizards, on VIDEO…. Ok sorry, I tried the video thing, doesn’t work too well on print media, perhaps some fancy GRAPHICS!!……Sorry, major presidential fail there, my Photoshop skills are severely lacking. I’ll just tell you kids the old fashioned way, with WORDS, and you will just have to use your IMAGINATION!

Basically an SGM is like a normal General Meeting; however it is outside the pre-set dates of a ‘normal’ General Meeting. So it’s basically a meeting that is set whenever there are some changes that need to be made with members’ approval. This usually relates to budget or constitutional issues but can be about other important issues raised by our members or Exec.
So why do you have to attend? Well partly because a meeting needs people for it to be of any use. Secondly, it affects you and your voice on campus. Thirdly, there’s usually pizza and a couple people who have a moan about something, which usually tends to be quite entertaining. Lastly, and most importantly, it will be chaired by my El Presidente himself……ME!
So, I’ll give you all a run down of what we need to accomplish at this meeting.

First, we need at least 20 people in the room, this is so that we can get what is called “quorum” which is basically a fancy Latin word which means “have enough people in the room to make decisions.” The actually dictionary definition may vary, but that’s the general gist of, and you can trust me, because I am a Linguist.

Second, we need to pass a few motions (or decisions) that change parts of our constitution, so that we can operate legally in the new voluntary membership environment this year. To explain that a bit further, everyone at Massey Albany is technically a member of the Association, until we pass these motions saying you are not. Don’t freak out just yet about being part of an Association when you don’t want to be. Like I said, “technically” you are a member, but in reality you are not. It’s like when Rob says he was technically Alison’s first boyfriend. First person to get that reference, and tell me where it’s from I’ll buy you lunch.

That’s about it really. To summarise, I’ll put the important bits as bullet points:

  • Come to the SGM. It’s on Wednesday 28th March at noon in the Student Common Room upstairs in the new Student Amenities Centre next to the ASA offices;
  • It’s really important, so turn up; we need at least 20 people there;
  • There will be voting, “Aye” means “Yes”, “Against” means “No” and Abstention means you don’t want to vote. I’ll ask you if you want it on record.
  • There is a good chance there will be pizza.

See you there.


Come to the Special General Meeting

Noon, Wednesday 28 March, Student Common Room, Level 2, Student Amenities Centre

Discussion around the 2012 Budget and Constitutional Changes in the light of Voluntary Student Membership

The President to provide an update around Service Contract negotiations between ASA and Massey.

Meet the 2012 Executive. All members welcome. Food provided.

More info:


2012 Executive

Nick Lovett: Vice-President, email
William Ahn: Education Rep, email
Jonathan McDonald: Recreation & Clubs Rep, email
James Collins: Mens Welfare Rep, email

Tuafono Teio: Internation Students’ Rep, email


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