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From your student President…

Stephan Van Heerden

Hello and welcome to Massey Albany! If this is your first time at this campus or even at university,  then the warmest of welcomes, all the best for your journey ahead! If you are a returning student, then welcome back home. This year is going to be a biggie. Then end of the world and what not. So let’s make it one to remember! First on your list for this year, is to sign up with us at the Albany Students Association! We are your one stop shop for anything student related here at Massey. If we can’t help you, then we can definitely point you in the right direction. Considering our membership fee has decreased and you now have the choice to sign up! It’s well worth it, and the more people sign up, the better it is for everyone! Secondly, sign up to a club, or start one of your own! University is about getting involved, not just in learning but in the community as well. With the new vStudent Amenities Centre, there is plenty of space and opportunity to hang out and get to know your fellow classmates. ASA offices are also on the second floor, so stop and say hello. Lastly, pick up a copy of Massive Magazine, the brand spanking new publication written by Massey students for Massey students.

That’s my advice for getting off to a great start at Massey Albany. When I came to this campus 4 years ago, I had no idea that I would be sitting where I am sitting now. I couldn’t grasp the enormity of the journey I was about to undertake, the experiences I would have and the people I would meet. I’m pretty sure most of you will be in the same position. My personal advice would be to stick with your guns and follow your heart. As corny as that sounds, it’s mostly true. Don’t give up after the first

B- and definitely pursue what inspires you. If a paper seems interesting, pick it up. If that girl is good looking, buy her some flowers. If that guy is a babe, then flick him a smile. 2012 is for seizing every moment and opportunity available to you.

That’s all from me, all the best for your studies and leisure this year. I hope to see you all at some point throughout the year.

Prez out

…and your Events Manager

Sikander Gore (aka AlexQ)

Big welcome to everyone for a wonderful year and more at Massey University, Albany.

It’s always the most fun part of the year for us at The ASA to bring a whole lot of fun events that distracts you from the classes ,assignments & the stress of the first week… Especially with the opening of the all new Student Plaza Building.

Orientation Weeks over the years have featured a number of NZ’s top acts like Katchfire, Tiki Taane, Tahuna Breaks, Exponents, P- Money, PNC, Dj Sirvere , Aural Trash, Dane Rumble, Nesian Mystic and plenty more to name a few … But unfortunately this year and from now on due to The Voluntary Student Membership, The ASA’s funding has been pulled back and this has  restricted us from bringing all these major acts to you…. It’s a sad moment but even in darkness the light can be found…..

We still have heaps to do with the Mechanical Bull, Gladiators & Human Foosball ( Sign your team up ASAP) during the day with Live bands and Dj’s followed by The Sex Quiz , Poker, BSG Amazing Race and the most exciting TRON Party during the night…

WIN $600 worth of Burger Fuel Vouchers for The Human Foozeball Comp and heaps of prizes for the Amazing Race.. So sign up at the ASA INFO OFFICE, Level 2 , Student Amenities Building.

Its FREE and so much FUN !

Also since we are talking about FREE: Enjoy the FREE BBQ that the ASA will be providing on the 27th 28th & 29th Feb outside along with all the entertainment….

There is something for everyone and all you need to do is come along and participate …. It’s easy …

See you there

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