Want to be a class advocate?

By Shannon Ballantyne

The Albany Students Association (ASA) is encouraging students to step forward to become class advocates for the new academic year.

Class advocates allow students to have their voices heard throughout the year.

They are the go to person when an issue is raised by a student in a course – whether it be about a lecturer, the course notes or anything else that may impact a student’s studies.

President of the ASA, Lance Walsh says, “class advocates are so valuable they are like the essence of the association”.

“They give us an insight into what is happening in different classes and let us see what problems are going on.”
Callum Paterson, who was a class advocate in 2016, says it was a great experience.

“I helped students bridge the gap between problems they encountered in their lectures, and also helped students overcome their fears of approaching the lecturer for help.

“The thing I enjoyed most about the experience was that it gave me an opportunity to meet new people and help others in an academic way.

“The fact that being a class advocate also looks good on your CV should also encourage students to volunteer.”

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