It’s that time of the year again for certain male Vet students to get (mostly) naked and strut their stuff to the delight of the crowds.

Mr Vet 2014 contestants
Mr Vet 2014 contestants


Tomorrow night, Friday March 28, brings you Mr Vet: an annual male beauty pageant and comedy show combined.

A $4 door charge will be on at the Events Centre on Turitea Campus, with the doors opening at 7pm and the competition beginning at 7.30pm. The fun and frivolities will continue through ‘til 11pm, and identification is a must with a bar on hand to keep the drinks flowing. There will also be a bake sale, sausage sizzle, and pancakes to keep everyone fed throughout the night, with the chance to win awesome prizes through a raffle.

Two lucky guys from each year of the Vet degree perform in front of eager crowds, competing in the classic categories of talent, swimwear, and formal wear. This year the contestants include Henry Yule and Tori Turner of second year; Keaton Morgan and Ryan Phillips of third year; Jarrod Davey and Haewon Lee of fourth year; and Jeremy Stockley and Jordan Stayt of fifth year.

One of the organisers Alexandra Moss said she is looking forward to the event, and the planning came with a few lessons along the way.

“I’m really excited for the event; we started organising it in summer so it’ll be great to see how it turns out on Friday.

Planning the event has been a learning curve. I’ve learnt so much, everything from applying for liquor licenses to buying bulk guys’ underwear”.

The money raised throughout the night will contribute to the third year vet class’ fundraising for their “Half Way Day”, which is a celebration of making it to the halfway point of their vet degree. Promo material for the Barely There Naked Vet Calendar of 2014 will also premiere on the night.

Stefan Gordon was a third year contestant in Mr Vet 2013, and now has fond – and slightly sarcastic – memories of the event. When asked what he had to do, he said, “Oh nothing much really.

“Just debase myself in the most lewd but ever so slightly seductive manner possible, all in the hopes of earning the approval and applause of a crowd of raucous, half-drunk and sexually confused men and women”.

He explains that it was a learning curve for him also.

“You get to know the other contestants and do more than just a little male bonding. You discover all kinds of new things about yourself, like what colour thong makes your pasty legs look the least hairy,” he said.

One of the more memorable moments that comes to mind for Stefan involves the other male contestants. “I didn’t see too many of the other performances, but I did get the unique experience of watching seven other men squeeze their ‘boys’ into tie-dye thongs and tear-off booty shorts. I don’t know if you’d say it was highlight but it was definitely memorable,” he said.

“Once I actually got up there it was surprisingly fun. You spend so much time practicing and worrying about screwing up, but once you get up on stage all you can do is have fun and try to picture the audience naked.

“They were looking pretty good as I recall,” he said.

The Facebook event has a hilarious promotion video where you can find out what’s behind the pretty faces and muscular bodies of the Mr Vet 2014 contestants.



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