Ultimate frisbee catching on at Massey

By Adam Pearse

For those adverse to Rugby and Netball, there is another sport gaining traction at Massey and it’s in the shape of a disc.

The Massey University Disc Club has undertaken some serious projects to promote the sport of ultimate frisbee and it seems to be paying dividends with more and more coming into the fold.

Ultimate frisbee is a self-refereed, primarily outdoor sport that consists of players throwing the frisbee to one another aiming to catch it in the ‘endzone’ where points are awarded.

President of the Disc Club, Keegan Miskimmin, says the initiative to introduce ‘ultimate’ as one of the social sports offered by the Recreation Centre has been a definite success.

“The people at the rec centre were really keen for us to start up ultimate as a social league, as there was conveniently a spot free for a sport,” Miskimmin says.

“We’ve managed to enter eight teams which was what we were hoping for but still pretty stoked that it’s managed to come off.”

Miskimmin says the sport isn’t restrictive in its travel schedule with many different tournaments occurring across the North Island.

“We try and go to as many tournaments as a University throughout the year. On our ‘calendar’, we attend tournaments in Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington, Palmerston North and wherever the New Zealand University Ultimate Championships (or ‘Unigames’) is being held.”

As a current national representative, Miskimmin says the benefits of the game are suited to every type of person despite its ‘hippie’ reputation.

“Most people may still view it as a ‘hippie’ thing that you do with your dog on the beach. While you can still do that, a quick YouTube search will see that this is a pretty high-paced, action-packed sport. One thing that ultimate players like is a good party at tournaments which always entices students.”

“If drinking isn’t for you then don’t be discouraged. If you want a decent cardio workout with the chance to relax, have fun or party hard, then ultimate is the sport for you.”

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