TV streaming: The Leftovers – Season 3

By Paul Berrington

Beginning three years after the ‘Sudden Departure’, an event in which the simultaneous disappearance of 2 per cent of the world’s population occurred – roughly 140 million that is – The Leftovers has concentrated more on character development than detailed explanation over its first and second seasons, and while languid pacing is still implicit to its third season, something feels new, momentum has changed and closure seems to be dawning on the horizon.

Three years on from the second season’s finale, Kevin (Justin Theroux) has become Jarden’s, or Miracle’s, chief of police. A haven for the disillusioned and lost, Jarden has grown rapidly from a quiet small town to something resembling a fanatical pilgrimage. Kevin’s supposed stability is revealed as a veneer, and he is driven to self-harm by visions of himself as a prophet. But he’s not the only one seemingly overwhelmed by doubt and despair.

Just two episodes into this third season and we’ve possibly learned more about where the plot is heading than we have in the 20 before. The jump in timeline has allowed for new questions, larger conversations, even maybe a few answers.

The ensemble cast have been given the space to draw you into their plight, and Theroux, alongside Carrie Coon as Nora Durst provide performances that match the heady themes and scratch the chalkboard drama, adding further layers to their already richly developed characters.

Announced as the show’s final season, don’t expect to come out of this without a few WTFs? The Leftovers thrives on the unknown, the seemingly ambiguous, the abstract notion of the human condition.

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