Toll-free SkyPath could be going ahead

By Taryn Dryfhout

Cyclists could be commuting from the city to the North Shore via the Auckland Harbour Bridge for free, now the SkyPath has been promised funding from the Labour party.

The $33 million project has been put on hold after gaining resource consent late last year, largely due to funding.

It was initially proposed the SkyPath be funded using a public-private partnership. This arrangement would cost users of the bridge, by way of a $2-$4 toll, over 25 years.

However now, the SkyPath trust has announced the Labour Party will be providing direct investment to deliver a toll-free SkyPath, making it tax-payer funded, but free for users of the new lanes.

The SkyPath will be a walking, cycling add-on to either side of the bridge, giving commuters the option to walk or cycle between the city and the North Shore, reducing traffic congestion for walkers, cyclists and motorists using the bridge, and lowering greenhouse emissions.

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