Timed car parks being considered at Albany Campus

By Taryn Dryfhout

A recent Auckland Student Association (ASA) survey shows students do not believe timed car parking is the answer to the parking problem at Massey’s Albany campus.

Albany students have long been vocal about the parking problem at Albany, with one student adapting her routine to arrive at 6am to avoid a problem getting a park.

Another student with mobility problem has had to park in central Albany and walk into campus.

In response, ASA President Lance Walsh recently invited Albany students to participate in a survey where they could express their opinions on the idea of introducing timed car-parking in the parking area along University Ave, opposite the Ferguson Bar.

The idea was proposed as part of a short-term solution to the chronic parking issue, and would limit parking to a maximum of two hours.

The idea, which was originally raised at ASA’s Special General Meeting, was initially met with a positive reception, but it did not find favour among the participants of the survey,

“The notion on the day was that people were happy to trial timed car parking, however due to the very negative responses of around 75 per cent to this, we will probably not continue with timed areas,” says ASA President Lance Walsh.

One student raised an issue with limiting student time on campus:

“All you are really doing is encouraging people who would otherwise stay longer at uni to leave early and only come to their class,” says Lee Maxlow.

The survey asked students about their own experiences with car-parking at the campus, as well as their thoughts on the proposed timed-carparks and whether or not they could think of any other solutions.

Walsh will be looking at what other options may be viable,

“I will be in further discussion with Massey to talk about other solutions such as extending the carpooling area.”

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