The highly-anticipated Tri-nations are being held this Saturday August 16 at the Massey University Playing Fields in Palmerston North.




The Tri-nations is a rugby competition between the three social rugby teams: Massey Colts Ags; Massey Senior Reserve Vets; and Massey Pirate Blokes.


Karn Dhaliwal, coach of the Massey Colts Ags, describes that competitiveness is high, and the stakes in determining who the greater team is are very important.


“It has been run since the inception of the Blokes team and over the past few years become a fierce and bitter three way rivalry to determine the more superior social team for the year,” he says.


The day will feature three games of 30 min halves, with each team playing each other once, with the winner gaining the Massey Tri-nations trophy, which is exclusive to the social teams.


The event is organised by Benjamin Vagg, as well as between the teams, as Dhaliwal explains.


“The event is organised within/between the 3 teams and has usually occurred whenever the teams are available post the regular season, but this year due to the disbanding of the Blokes, a round robin competition has been constructed to allow all former blokes to come and play and showcase the Tri-nations along with the Vets and Colts Ags,” he says.


The Tri-nations are an opportunity to see “the prestige and pride involved within the social teams from Massey RC to fellow Massey students, and start the recruitment drive for the following season,” he says.


Support isn’t greatly anticipated, Dhaliwal says, but the standard of rugby should be high regardless.


“The expected support will be from close friends to the players, nothing spectacular is expected in terms of crowd, but a good standard of rugby is expected will the Tri-nations trophy on the line,” he says.


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