You’re in the library, squinting at the computer going over last weeks readings then something brushes your leg. No you’re not hallucinating, that is indeed a cat and her name is Pipi.

Spend any amount of time at Massey and you will undoubtedly come across the wandering feline who until now little was known about.

Pip is by nature an explorer or nomad if you will. She was picked up by the SPCA is 2006 as a pregnant teenager and subsequently became a teenage abortee. A now former mawsa employer David took Pipi home to a flat in Highbury Road where she remained for a number of months before going missing.

Her concerned owner plastered posters until a call came a week later from a Scotsman with a strong accent. He was standing at a telephone pole on which a poster of Pipi was attached, with the real Pipi standing below it. Over the following years this behaviour would become typical of Pipi.


At one point Pipi went missing for eight months and it wasn’t until David was literally moving his last box out of his Highbury Road flat that she strolled on home. Now-days David lives in a house not so far from Massey hence her semi-regular presence on campus.

Staff and students alike have become accustom to her wanderings and some would argue she has become a mascot of sorts on campus. David says that her new found popularity isn’t a surprise to him but urges people not to feed her, as cat logic states that if you feed her and pet her while she’s away from home, she has no real reason to go home.

If by any chance you see her further abroad (Newtown or Aro valley etc.) please text David (021 758 005) so he can come and pick her up. If you can, keep her in your flat for a few hours until he can come and get her.
But please don’t feed her or give her milk!


  1. Hey Saradha/Dan,

    Looks like Pipi is back here now, your mob is switched off. 😀 Any other contact details on you to arrange for pick up? Will leave her outside, will get in touch if she comes back again 😉

  2. Thanks for the article, Jess.
    As Pipi’s owners, here are the main points we want to emphasise:

    1. PIPI HAS A HOME we know she wanders, but ultimately she lives with us and we love her.

    2. PLEASE DON’T FEED HER! Just let her out and she’ll come back to us.

    3. If you phone the number on her collar (David’s cell) and can’t get through please LEAVE A VOICE MAIL or SEND A TEXT then at least we know where she is and that she’s ok.

    We’ve just picked her up this morning having not seen her for three weeks! We do worry about her, especially since we live on such a busy street, so it would’ve been nice to know where she was earlier. Also, since she was being fed there we now have to keep her inside for a couple of weeks, otherwise she’ll just go straight back to where she was last fed. And it’s not nice to have to lock her inside.

    Please do the right thing by Pipi and her owners and if you love having a cat around so much, you can go to the SPCA and rescue one that IS in need of a home, like we did when we first got Pipi. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Wow! Cheers Jess, Pipi does hang around here quite often. In fact, I am pretty sure he is outside my apartment block at the moment. I have tried calling David, but looks like his phhone is switched off?

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