The NZUSA, ACC & the half a million dollar question

"ACC is not providing the NZUSA with a grant of $500,000 for 2017."

Despite making plans for a $500,000 grant from ACC in its proposed budget, the NZUSA will not be getting this amount, the corporation has confirmed to Massive.

The grant was mentioned by NZUSA President Linsey Higgins in the opening letter that accompanied the proposed NZUSA’s 2017 Budget, with Higgins writing:

“The budget shows significantly increased expenditure in 2017 in contrast to previous years. The significant increases in expenditure is forecasted money from our contract with ACC.”

Those forecasted funds will not be occurring, according to a spokesperson from ACC, who told Massive:

“ACC is not providing the NZUSA with a grant of $500,000 for 2017.”

Acting ACC Minister Nathan Guy and Associate ACC Minister Paul Goldsmith were also contacted for comment, with a spokesperson reiterating the official response of ACC.

The Thursdays in Black campaign, run by Tertiary Women, a group affiliated to the NZUSA, has received funds of $64,590 since January 2015 from ACC.

The corporation told Massive that they were still supportive of schemes aimed at reducing violence, saying:

“ACC is supportive of initiatives aimed at reducing the incidence and severity of violence, and is seeking to work from a comprehensive systems approach to consistently deliver better outcomes for those affected by violence.

“When considering the efficacy of an initiative, and the provision of services, ACC complies with the government sourcing rules of procurement.”

The forecasted grant of $500,000 saw many areas such as salaries receive “increased expenditure” in the NZUSA’s proposed budget.

Many students’ associations had their annual student levy fees slashed in the proposed budget, something Higgins indicated was occurring “due to income [from] elsewhere”.

Higgins told Massive that the forecasted contract had yet to be proposed to ACC, saying:

“The project is contingent on the funding proposal. As the proposal has not been made due to the scoping project being incomplete we do not have confirmed funding.

“We budgeted the amount to indicate we are intending to submit a proposal. As no proposal has been made, ACC have not committed any funding.

“As we do not know the outcome of the funding proposal we are unable to confirm the budget and what that would mean for our members. The final budget will be approved at Congress after consultation with members.”


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