A date at the zoo may not be on the cards for Darren

With the help of MASSIVE, Darren daringly plans ahead with a date to the zoo…but is he successful?


A date at the zoo may not be on the cards for Darren
A date at the zoo may not be on the cards for Darren


I was getting ready to go out for a date with a lovely girl and the first date was all planned; she chose the place, choosing for us to meet at Leuven Beer Café in the middle of Wellington. This was fine, and while I was waiting for the date to happen I thought I’d be smart and come up with a plan for the second date; I was considering different options as to what I could do with her by looking at different mediums to come up with ideas.


I was busy studying one day (checking Facebook on my phone) and I saw that that MASSIVE was giving away zoo tickets. I thought that I’d be clever and sweet talk the lovely editor into giving me two tickets to the Wellington Zoo to use as a second date option.


I was also working with the theory that, ‘What girl doesn’t like looking at live, cute fluffy animals?’ and if you add a picnic lunch and a nice bottle of wine, anything can happen. So I went to Massey Wellington, did the sweet talking, and got the tickets! I managed to get the editor on side to the point where she wanted to know how things went (of course the first date hadn’t happened yet).


The night came for the first date and the two of us sat down, ordered the drinks and engaged in conversation. We discussed a range of topics before the topic of animals in zoos came up; here I was thinking to myself, ‘Yes here’s the chance to arrange the second date!’ – all we had to decide on was a particular time and day.


My date then explained to me that she understands what zoos do with the protection of animals and what they do is important, however she doesn’t like going to zoos as she doesn’t like seeing animals in places other than in their natural habitat.  As she was explaining this to me, naturally I was kicking myself under the table and thought, ‘There goes my whole theory out the window without even trying!’. Fortunately for me, I hadn’t told her I had the tickets and was planning to take her to the zoo for the second date.


We continued talking for the rest of the date and swapped numbers; being the gentleman that I am I even offered to walk her to her car as it was getting late in the evening and I didn’t want anything untoward happen to her.   I got the thank you kiss (yes!) as she was about to get into her car, and then she proceeded to leave.


Stuff that I realised from this experience:


–          All good plans can and will go out the window if you don’t really know someone, but if you play your cards right you can salvage a draw which is better than an epic fail.

–          To improve your chances and make yourself look sweet, use the plan (of the second date zoo tickets) and take children; it shows that guys do have a gentler side and it makes you look nice when you tell the story on further dates.

–          Keep looking for other options for future dates; while the initial second date plan didn’t work out during the course of the evening, other options did present themselves such as Wellington on a Plate, the Wine and Food Festival and the ballet (I can happily watch people jump round in tutus and then discuss the story line – there are some really good shows that are coming to New Zealand!).

–          Also I am keeping the editor happy by putting the experience into writing and giving feedback as to what happened. This also leads to one last thought: If I keep the editor on side and keep sweet talking them, can I get two tickets to all upcoming events which will make me look like a big sweetie in the date’s eyes?


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