Students well behaved for annual ball

By Nikki Papatsoumas

The event of the season – the Massey at Wellington Students’ Association (MAWSA) Ball- went off without a hitch.

The ball, which was held late last month at Shed 6 on Wellington’s waterfront and open to students of all ages, promised more glitz and glam than ever before and it delivered.

First year Visual Communications Student Niemka Cloete says she had a fantastic time.

“It’s the first ball I have been to. It was a really nice venue and the atmosphere was really cool,” she says. “Overall I really enjoyed it, everyone really enjoyed the night.”

Cloete says one minor suggestion would be that the band, Jamie and the Gents, would have played for longer.

MAWSA Manager Sarah Grant-Wang says she felt the ball was a huge success.

“It was a great to see all students who attended having such an awesome time, dancing, taking photos and enjoying all the efforts the MAWSA team put in.”

Grant-Wang commended students for their behaviour on the night.

“I really felt that the students were very responsible and we only had 25 students out of 650 visit the space safe which was overseen by the Red Frogs.”

She confirmed one student was taken to hospital as a result of a personal illness.

This year was also the first time MAWSA had a ‘safe car’ on hand to drive intoxicated students home, says Grant-Wang. Four students were taken home in the MAWSA safe car.

“I think it worked really well,” she says. “It provides the extra back up for the team if the students are really ill or intoxicated.”

MAWSA’s Events Coordinator Kalum Murray says it was an incredible night.

“Personally, I was so proud of the finished product and how it all came together,” he says.
“There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the night, and most importantly everyone seemed to have a great time. Thank you to every student and volunteer that helped make the MAWSA Ball happen.”
He says he is excited to see what other events the MAWSA team can pull off this year.

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