Students roll up sleeves for blood drive

Albany students turned out in force to donate blood during the New Zealand Blood Service’s drive on campus.

Beth Brennan, donor recruiter and event organizer, said it was important for students to get involved in donating blood, as it was a way to “give something back” and “it’s just a good culture to get into”.

“You never know when it may be yourself needing blood or someone close to you or even a complete stranger.”

She added that students who were unable to attend the event, or were unable to donate blood themselves, were encouraged to contact the New Zealand Blood Service to volunteer, as well as encouraging others to donate blood.

The next visit planned for the Albany campus is on August 23, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

With only four per cent of the population donating blood, Brennan said the organisation needs “all blood types and [we] encourage donors to come along and donate. They will get a quick health check and find out their blood type on their first donation.”

Eligible donors have to weigh at least 50 kg, with those aged under 25 years needing to meet the height and weight criteria.

Donors also had to be “completely well after having a cough, cold or flu”.

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