Students question price of ball tickets

By Nikki Papatsoumas

Students may be dusting off their dancing shoes and best dress in preparation for the upcoming ball but some are questioning an increase in the price of tickets this year.

Friday, July 28 will see hundreds of students flood into Shed 6 on Wellington’s waterfront for the Massey at Wellington Students’ Association (MAWSA) Wellington Students Ball.

The ball, organised by MAWSA will offer students the chance to enjoy a Hollywood-esque night, different to any other ball held previously by the association.

This year the price of a ticket to the event is $60 – a $20 increase from last year’s price.

Third year Massey student Katelyn Featherstone says given the price of other balls – which can be as high as $200 – she think $60 is a reasonable price.

However, she thinks cost will still present a barrier for some students.

“I do feel, that because this is a part of the university,  and there is a general understanding that there are many students that are struggling with money, organisers should make this event as inclusive and affordable as they possibly can.

“And unfortunately, I know too many students that would not be able to afford the $60 price.”

Featherstone says she will be skipping this year’s event, but not because of price.

“I went to a horrifically bad freshers party in first year where the theme with hippie versus hipster and it was just a bunch of 18 year olds crying and yelling and grinding in the middle of Tussock at 9pm,” she says.

“Consequently, this has left me very sceptical of the Massey Balls and emotionally scarred.”

The one-night-only event is spearheaded by MAWSA’s events coordinator Kalum Murray.

Murray says the main reason for the price increase was the budget failure of last year’s ball.

“We didn’t break even from last year’s ball and increasing the price is partly to ensure we can continue to have a ball in the future.”

He promises this year’s ball will be bigger, better and swankier than ever before.

“This year we want the ball to be an experience, it’s not going to be a piss-up it’s a night to remember.

“We are selling the experience. It’s going to be an evening where people can come, dress formally and enjoy a ball as balls should be enjoyed.”

Murray says there will be a range of food, music, entertainment, a videographer, a photo booth and a red carpet for revellers to enjoy.

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