Students living room flooded

By Shannon Ballantyne

A student apartment resembled more of a swimming pool when a blocked drain and heavy rain caused severe flooding earlier this month.

In the midst of a terrible rain storm on Friday, March 10, a first floor student apartment at Masseys’ accommodation village, Te Ohanga, was faced with an endless gush of water coming through its balcony doors, all because of a blocked drain.

Lance Steele, one of the residents of the flat says he had left the apartment to work on an assignment when he got a message from one of his flatmates telling him their place was flooding.

“I came back expecting to see that the kitchen sink was overflowing. But no, our lounge was 70 per cent underwater,” he said.

Steele said he and his flatmates tried their best to fix the spouting outside but realised it was beyond them.

“We called the Residential Assistant phone and they were quick to attend. They then contacted CLV [owners of the accommodation village] who were amazed at the situation

“We had the couch standing on its end, the tables stacked in the kitchen and a swimming pool on the carpet.”

Steele said most of the evening was spent trying to find ways to remove flood water.

“We were able to divert the water onto the grass instead of into the blocked drain with a hacked up milk bottle.

“We even found out that the chopping board was really efficient at getting water out of the carpet.”

He says finally after endless hours of mopping up water, ringing out towels and emptying buckets the amount of water got smaller.

“The next day CLV hired a dehumidifier for us and after two days of having that going on high our carpet was somewhat dry.

“This was definitely a change to the usual work stress a student faces. Instead I’m stressed over when my lounge will ever be dry again.”

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