Students: It’s high time weed is legal

By Mikayla Hopkins

Many Massey University students are pushing for the decriminalisation of cannabis in New Zealand with some calling for its medical and recreational use to be legalised.

One Massey student says, “Specifically regarding marijuana, I would seek to see the full recreational legalisation across the board”.

Green Party candidate Thomas Nash agrees saying that legalising the recreational use of cannabis would be a wise move for the country.

“Making criminals out of people for their drug use causes far more harm to them, their families and their communities than the occasional joint does.”

While some disagree with full legalisation, students feel that decriminalisation is the road the country should be taking.

One second-year student stated that despite being a cannabis user himself, he felt that full legalisation would be a mistake.

“The government will just tax it like crazy, I think decriminalisation is the better option.”

Nash does not share this opinion.

“No, money will not be the deciding factor in marijuana legalisation. I think that many New Zealanders recognise that our laws are archaic, and out of touch. Particularly regarding medicinal cannabis.

“I think there is a real appetite for change,” Nash says.

“Kiwis don’t want others living in pain because of an outdated, uncompassionate law.

“We want people to have straightforward access to the medication deemed best for them with the advice of their doctor.”




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