Sports hall closed until 2018

By Adam Pearse

Much of Massey’s Recreation Centre is out of action until 2018 as the building needs strengthening to meet earthquake safety standards.

The sports hall is the main point of concern as not only do the existing walls need strengthening, but a completely new roof is also needed for the room to be secure. The squash courts are also in need of structural fortification.

This comes after engineers noticed the building did not meet safety standards as they were fixing leaks in the roof earlier this year.

Rec centre Manager Terry Rivers says designs for the new roof are underway and construction may begin towards the end of the year.

“Currently, the university has reached out to a design firm to come up with the design for what that looks like.

“If all of those go to plan, there is the potential for construction to occur at the latter part of the year, December,” he says.

Rivers says the University has made a commitment to get the rec centre fit for use again and hopes we will see it restored to its former glory in 2018.

“The university has made a commitment to replacing the roof, to putting the strengthening in, so that we can have this facility back in operation for students in 2018.

“We hope, at the Recreation Centre, that it will all be completed in April of next year.”

Rivers says his team are doing everything they can to provide alternative solutions to accommodate the number of activities that occur at the Rec Centre.

Some of these include increasing weekend hours and using the likes of the teaching gym and activity centre.

“While the repairs are outside of our control, we have endeavoured to ensure that the remaining spaces are as available as we can possibly make them,” he says.

“It might seem rather small, but it’s a recognition of how we can work with our existing resources and make some adjustments accordingly.”

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