Skipper’s mid-year report

MUSA President Nikita Skipper (pictured right)

Nikita Skipper is the current MUSA president, having now been in the role for all of 2016. Skipper caught up with Massive to discuss her thoughts on the year so far.

1. Nikita, you have held the position of MUSA president for most of this year now. In this time, how many animals have you killed?

Hahahaha. This year the only animals I’ve shot are those through a camera lens. Skips been a bit slack on the hunting side as the freezers is getting a bit low, but I’m heading home this weekend so this could all change.

2. Is bestiality actually ‘part and parcel’ of growing up in Central Hawke’s Bay?

Bestiality is both inhumane and disgusting – of course it’s part of the Hawke’s bay tradition! When a white cis privileged male turns 16 he is gifted with an animal of his choice… I’m kidding!! Bestiality is not ‘part and parcel’ of growing up in Hawke’s Bay. That shit is foul!

3. MAWSA President Tom Pringle has questioned his associations’ continued involvement with the NZUSA? Is MUSA having any doubts about their future involvement?

I think doubt is necessary in every situation. Without it, how would you know you were doing the right thing? If MUSA is to have any doubts it’s a decision that will be put to our students and will be a long conversation before any drastic decision.

4. Part of Manawatu students’ student levy is going towards MUSA’s annual payment to the NZUSA. Is the NZUSA providing any tangible benefit to these students for their money?

I think this is a very broad question. The NZUSA is the voice of around 400,000 and it is hard to cater to every single one of these students. Right now it is New Zealand students in the large cities such as Wellington and Auckland that need the most help with affordable, clean, warm housing. I do think it’s important to really get the most out of the NZUSA but also keep in mind that things do take time and that not everything is going to be given because you want it. I like to think of it as if a house was on fire. You’re not going to poor water on every house; you’re going to poor it on the one that needs it.

5. Will you be standing for re-election this year? Are you expecting a contested election in this year’s MUSA election?

This is a conversation I will have with the Exec as well as the staff of MUSA. I would love to run again for another year but am I able to bring more to the role? Is there someone else who can do a better job? Am I passed my used by date? There are so many amazing and talented leaders in Massey’s student body and handing this role onto someone who I know can take MUSA to a whole new level would be an honour.

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