Shitty student flats

This year, the shitty state of student flats right across the country has been a talking point. As students struggle to make ends meat, their quality of living takes a hit. Many now have to deal with mould, leaks, creaks and freezing cold temperatures in their own home. It’s a fight for survival. We ask students to share their flatting horror stories with us.

As the weather gets worse the many faults in my flat start to appear. There is no ventilation in the bathroom so every time we shower, the steam has nowhere to go. This has caused the lino floor in the bathroom to get rotten and mouldy and to pull away from the wall. The house is damp and cold, I spend more time in my car than at home to stay warm. When the rain is strong, leaks spring up in the ceiling above my bedroom. I have buckets lined up on the floor to collect the drips and keep the carpet from getting soaked. This isn’t the worst student flat I’ve lived in though.  To find affordable student living, sacrifices must be made. Heating becomes a treat as most flats are un-insulated and have no heating system. Students suffer in terrible conditions in an effort to afford an education.

– As told to Massive Magazine by second year Communications student Mikayla Hopkins

My flat is notorious for being disgusting but after living here for almost two years I know that it has potential. At first glance the flats are cool, they have that New York City loft vibe going on but spend a night here and you’ll be asking yourself – loft or concrete cell block? We pay a shit load of rent to be packed like sardines into a very small space. Some of the rooms are divided by paper thin walls, not to mention there are no doors or windows on all but one of the rooms. Your breathing whilst sleeping becomes in sync with your flatmates in the next room and if you want to go to sleep early well too bad – sound travels pretty easily when there are no doors to shut it out. The kitchen – if you can call it that – fits one person at a time. You need to have pretty good balance as the floor is on a slope. Also watch out for puddles as the bench doesn’t have a lip on it so washing the dishes causes water to dribble all over the already rotten floor. If you live below us – I’m sorry if our oven falls through your roof. If you are ever starving have a search in the bathroom as we once had mushrooms growing out of the bottom of the shower. We did complain about the mouldy shower but apparently pulling the wood away and cover up the mould again will fix it? Well a few months later – the mould is back! What would improve the quality of this flat is some decent walls, doors, an upgraded kitchen and a bathroom free of fungus.

– As told to Massive Magazine by a third year Visual Communications Design student

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