Semester two kicks off with western fest

By Taryn Dryfhout

Semester two started with a bang, with the Albany Student’s Association (ASA) holding a ‘Western Fest’ as part of its orientation activities.

The week was jam-packed full of games and activities for both new and returning students, including a photo booth, barrel racing, pony cycle races, mechanical bull, cowboy crafts and a mobile farm.

Those who wanted a more relaxing experience could also head along to the movie club’s screening of Game of Thrones, or to Django Unchained where free ice cream, cookies and hot drinks were served up.

Of course, food was on offer every day, free to those willing to come and grab it from outside Student Central.

Students enjoyed a sausage sizzle, soup, nacho’s, American hot dogs and burgers.

For those who enjoy eating their food competitively, the week also featured a burrito eating contest.

ASA president Lance Walsh considers the Western Fest a success, and creidts its success to ASA’s campus co-ordinator.

“This O-Week I feel has been a lot better than most other O-weeks thanks to our amazing Campus Culture Co-ordinator,” he says.

“She has been working really hard this year to deliver the best events she can. I think students have really liked the saloon doors and the [look of] the lounge.

“They have also really appreciated the free food being provided at O-Week. There was a time on clubs day when there was literally 50 plus students lining up for hamburgers,” Walsh says.

“The wet weather didn’t stop clubs day and it was an awesome week.”

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