Rude awakening for Wellington hostel

Wellington’s The Cube Hall of Residence got a rude awakening on Friday, August 12, with a pornographic film being projected onto the Webb Street side of the building.

A photo of what was occurring was uploaded onto Joe Knows, a social media site popular with Wellington students.

The caption beneath the upload read “Joe knows where to project his Friday movies”.


Massive has learnt that a number of pranksters were behind the stunt, with one saying that the blue film was shown at the end of a poorly attended movie night.

The prankster, who wished to remain anonymous, told Massive that alcohol was a factor, saying:

“The night started pretty responsibly. After a few beers, we thought we’d do something a bit silly.

“It was only up there for two minutes which was long enough for what we wanted to accomplish.”

MAWSA President Tom Pringle says the prankster was obviously “thinking outside the cube”.

“It’s great to see a prank that did not damage any property. From what I’ve heard it’s been a real talking point at lectures.”

Another student spoken to by Massive described the stunt as “bloody outrageous”.

“It’s just good old filthy fun,” they added.

Management at The Cube did not respond to Massive’s request for comment.

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