Riding for Rhinos

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Massey student Marc Herrmann embarks on a 407 km ride to save one of the most endangered animals on the planet: the Rhinos.

On a pushbike and nothing more, Herrmann will attempt to travel from Palmerston North to Hamilton in just under 24 hours.

Despite the threat of third-degree ass chafing, Herrmann is doing this to raise money for the UK-based charity Save the Rhinos.

Save the Rhino’s vision is for all five rhino species to thrive in the wild for future generations. Herrmann said that he’s always had something for Rhinos and wants to help any way he can.

“They are one of the biggest and most well-known species in danger of being extinct so that’s why I chose them.”

He is a keen biker and if you’re up early on a Sunday you’ll often see him tearing up the streets of Palmerston North.

The bike ride is also funding a trip to South Africa, where he plans to go on a two-week veterinary course. As a third year vet at Massey, Herrmann is excited at the prospect.

“The first week is a combination of small and production animals and the second week is where we look at wildlife and ways to help those endangered.”

Marc Herrmann is ready to go

Now this mountain of a bike ride has attracted a fair amount of interest and Herrmann has secured multiple sponsors to aid him on his journey.

“I reached out to a lot of companies and I’ve had a really good response. MUSA, Avanti, Caltex, Bike Barn, and Countdown have all contributed which makes the trip a lot easier. It means a lot to me that these big companies care about what I’m doing and so a big thanks go to them.”

He also said that MUSA supporting him means a lot as a student.

“It’s great to know that MUSA is backing all students and willing to support their causes.”

Herrmann has set up multiple donation pages which have attracted a lot of attention. Overall, his pages have raised around 1500 dollars towards his trip and the charity.

“It’s really humbling to see how many people have donated. I never thought I would raise as much as this so to all the friends and family that have supported me, thank you.”

If you want to help Marc in his trip to South Africa or support the Save the Rhinos charity, use the links below.

To find out more information about Marc’s ride go to his Facebook page using the link below. -Herrmann


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