Recycling at Massey may be colour coded, but it’s confusing

By Kat Fankhauser

Eco friendly students are moaning about colour coded recycling on Massey’s Wellington campus, which they say is confusing.

Dotted around campus are colour coded boxes intended to be used for recycling. While a blue box is labelled for ‘paper’ a yellow, ‘mixed’ box, doesn’t identify which mixed recyclables are being referred to.

Massey fashion design student, Amy McCarthy says the confusing system has deterred her from recycling.

“Sometimes I get confused if it fits into a category or not, and if I can’t work it out it just goes in rubbish bin.

“If you can’t do it properly don’t do it. There is no point if it isn’t done correctly.”

McCarthy was not alone in her confusion. Campus Co-lab receptionist Anna Lees says she often sees confused students.

“I notice that people, just obviously don’t look at which container it is, putting rubbish in recycling and recycling in the rubbish,” she says.

Sarah Everett, a fine arts student says although the system is confusing, the university deserves praise for encouraging staff and students to recycle.

“What I do appreciate about Massey is that they are encouraging us not to use the takeaway cups and to buy keep cups. But there is always room for improvement.”

Associate Professor Robin Peace, Regional Director Wellington, says all three campuses are working towards reducing waste sent to the landfill.

As well as this, she says the university has recently appointed a Director of Sustainability in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

“Massey is just beginning to develop systematic processes across all three campuses,” she says.

“In semester two, on Palmerston North’s campus, there is going to be an education campaign around the changes we make to student dining hall.”


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