For the first week back into semester, the Albany Students’ Association and Student Life put together a fun week for students actually back at school. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday guaranteed a free lunch and some tunes to listen to over the lunch period. MASSIVE was out on Clubs’ Day manning the sausage sizzle and having some yarns to a diverse group of students. There were competitions and prizes on tap and activities for students to engage with and connect with one another.

In addition to their work with re-orientation, ASA pulled off a pajama party at Albany Village and Valley Bar. The party that took place on July 18 was initially planned to happen at The Ferguson, however, less than a week before the party was planned, The Ferguson reportedly pulled the plug on the event leaving the ASA to sort out a last-minute alternative plan. When MASSIVE asked The Ferguson about what had happened, they declined to comment. ASA acting president Arlene Frost said she was happy the way the event turned out in the end and “couldn’t have asked for a better result”.

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