Massey Wellington has a ‘new’ radio station hitting the waves – Massey University students’ own Radio Control.



Radio Control is produced by Massey students, for students and is based in the Massey University Students’ Association in Palmerston North. Control has been a popular Palmerston North radio station for more than 30 years, and is showing no signs of dropping off the radar.

Control plays some of the “best” New Zealand and alternative music that doesn’t play on the mainstream radio stations, said manager David Stevens.

Stevens said that control has day-time playlists and specialist night-time shows, so there’s “something for everyone” to listen to.

“We are bringing personalities and the music to the people,” he said. “We are also working with the journalism school in Wellington to do podcasts, and are looking for Wellington correspondence.”

Radio Control can be picked up on the frequency 87.8FM around the Mount Cook area.

Although broadcasted and produced in Palmerston North, Stevens said that he hopes to get Wellington student volunteers to assist in producing Radio Control from Wellington.

“Radio Control can be found on 87.8 at the moment, but we are looking to develop it further. It is the first step in the one-campus student radio”.

Radio Control can be streamed from anywhere through their Facebook page and website, or from your cellphone through the app TuneIn Radio.



If you are interested in getting involved, give David Stevens a bell at or track down Radio Control on Facebook:

Radio Control’s website is



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