Protest over Issue 2

If you struggled to get your hands on a copy of Massive Magazine Issue Two, you were simply looking in the wrong places. If you had rummaged through Massey Wellington’s recycling bins you most likely would have found hundreds of copies.

Outraged students ripped off covers, vandalised magazine stands, and threw numerous magazines in recycling bins, in protest  of Massive‘s March cover art.

Massive Stands

One of these student activists, who would like to remain anonymous, was “extremely unhappy” that despite complaints, the magazine was still distributed with the cover on.

“It [the publication and distribution of the cover] goes against students welfare. They [students] are coming into campus (a place where they should feel safe and comfortable) and then are bombarded with these images that may be a trigger.”

This particular student decided to rip off the covers in order to protect the welfare of their fellow students.

When Massive Editor Carwyn Walsh first found out about the vandalism, he says he was “pretty gutted”.

“A small minority took it upon themselves to act as the sole judges of good taste. If readers didn’t like the cover or story, fair enough. I was just pissed off that they took away the magazine and didn’t allow other readers to make up their own minds.”

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