Places to eat avocado on toast

By Karleshia Wills

Personally, I don’t eat much avocado. I actually only tried it for the first time three years ago. I’m 24. what. a. milestone.  Not as much as the fact I’ve never seen The Sound of Music.

So when my Facebook feed exploded with young millennials outrage over one man’s claim that we couldn’t afford to ‘live to dream’*, due to our oblivious binging and splurging of dollars on too much avocado on toast, I had a wee laugh least to say.

I am way too poor to waste my dividends on some fucking avocado that cost $6.50 each in the off season, to find out that it’s probably  brown on the inside anyway. Great.  Yeah, I can’t afford a mortgage either.

So, Here are my top seven locations you can eat avocado on toast around town.

At the beach
Why? Because who doesn’t love the risk of sand in their food?
Great views, and maybe a windless sunny day could be in the works to nicely complement your food of premium selection.

A cafe
Because I want to spend my money. Clearly.
Also looks good combined with a killer long black on my snap story.

The other halve of your avo is in desperate need of being eaten and will probably pass tomorrow.  Also bread is guaranteed to always be on hand.
For bonus points, spend some more dosh on a tomato. Seasoned with salt and pepper, it’s guaranteed to be a winner.

Your dreams of affording to actually go out and buy this are only fantasies actualised on someone else’s insta feed. Which then leads in a disastrous tendency to go out seeking to quench that avo craving.

Pre-packing your lunch is affordable, so pre-packing your avo and bread for toast must be too, right?

The car
You’re already ten-thirty minutes late to class and needed a quick fill of food. Bread can toast while you get dressed, and the avo can be easily spread on as you exit the front door. Maybe your Uber driver won’t mind that you forgot a plate and still have the butter knife in your hand?

What better way to gather, than over some avocado on toast. You can all make it your own way, have platter tastings and have a silent judging comp to rate each other. Winner gets a whole bag of avocados. Obviously.

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