Palmerston North Vox Pop: Orientation

  1. What’s surprised you most about Massey so far?
  2. What’s the one thing you must do this year?
  3. Where will you spend more time: At the library or at the pub?

    Christian - BBS
    Christian – BBS
  1. Not too much. I’ve done some work up here in the past.
  2. Pass I suppose – and have a good time as well!
  3. That’s a hard one- At home on my computer?
  4. Gokul - Vet
    Gokul – Vet
  1. The climate. First it’s warm and then cold, and then raining…
  2. I want to play my flute in front of a huge audience.
  3. The library, because I don’t drink very often!
Chelsea - BA
Chelsea – BA
  1. Nothing really.
  2. Pass [exams, that is]
  3. Library.

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