Outgoing Skipper positive for future

By Adam Pearse

Nominations have now closed for the 2018 Massey University Students Association (MUSA) presidency and while she still has a few more weeks at the top, current president Nikita Skipper is pleased with the candidate selection.

“I’m chuffed with how many people are running for board this year, we have seen a steady increase since the year that I first ran for president, but for me, I think it is the level of students that are running and the diversity that I think most excites me,” she says.

Skipper expects that whoever wins the presidency will need to focus on serving the students and not themselves.

“I’m expecting for these candidates to really want to empower and enable all students of Massey University and not for this to be a benefit purely for themselves as there is no room in this job for self-interest.”

She notes that there will be a number of big issues that will be essential for candidates to address.

“It really will diversify with each person running, but I think a big one is going to be mental health and counselling (looking to increase the service), housing (making sure everyone has a healthy and dry, affordable home) student hardship (making sure we are reaching out to our students and helping as many as we can) and then the amazing organic, fun ideas everyone brings for events.”

Skipper says her main focus now is to be setting MUSA up so the new executive can hit the ground running in 2018.

“The most important thing for me right now is really finishing up on a really great and effective exec training and president’s hand-over as I want everyone to have their feet planted firmly when they start and just be a steam train for change from the get go in 2018.”

Head to page 42 for more information on candidates running for the 2018 MUSA Executive.


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