Opportunity for India study trip

By Taryn Dryfhout

Currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Arts, Rohana Sergent has been provided with the opportunity to complete her degree with a study tour to India.

The tour, which is being offered by Massey University has limited spaces, one of which Rohana was fortunate enough to have obtained.

In November Rohana, and ten others, will travel to South India for three weeks, going to several areas including Bangalore and Mysore where she will explore sustainability, responsibility, and social enterprise.

Rohana predicts the tour will help her to not only grow personally, but also in her studies moving forward.

Her long-term plan is to return to India to undertake research towards her masters.

“I want to open my eyes to global issues at ground level in a country I feel connected to by my name given at birth and be inspired for my master’s research topic.”

Rohana says the experiential learning gained will provide a better, deeper understanding which she can bring back to New Zealand and apply in her own context.

She says the broader cultural awareness and appreciation she will gain from the trip will help her become a better global citizen and feels it is becoming increasingly important to have a better understanding and appreciation for others globally, so that we can become more adaptable, responsive, and engaged citizens.

Rohana has been actively raising funds for her trip and has set up a ‘Give a Little’ page. If you would like to donate, head to

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