Online scam targets Massey alumni

Cyber Theft

By Adam Pearse

Members of the Massey Alumni organisation have been the target of a sophisticated online scam that attempts to access member’s credit card details.

Massey’s Alumni team was informed of the scam by an alumnus who had nearly fallen victim to the scam but had not paid any money.

The scam starts with an email from an organisation known as “Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni”(WANA) that invites alumni to represent their alma mater in the Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni notable alumni list for 2017, and to complete a form to start the initial application.

Once this step is completed, alumni receive a phone call where a representative determines whether asking a series of questions about their career, culminating in the request for credit card details to pay for the membership fee which is initially undisclosed but turns out to be hundreds of dollars.

Alumni Relations Manager, Cassie Rowe says the alumnus who was contacted by WANA was put off by the aggressive nature of the phone call which reduced his initial interest.

“He was concerned about the forceful approach of the person who had rung him, which he described as bordering on abusive. He was very interested in their pitch and being involved in WANA, until the phone call.”

She comments that a number of Alumni organisations have been targeted with the same scam all over the world.

“A quick search on Google showed that a large number of Alumni organisations around the world have been targeted in this scam and share warning messages on their websites.”

Rowe says that all member of Massey Alumni have been notified of the threat so that no one else will fall for the ruse.

“We are raising awareness of the scam to ensure alumni are aware of the scam. A message has gone out on all social media platforms, the alumnionline website.

“A message has been emailed to all of our alumni that have a valid email address and will be sent out in the next edition of the Alumni eNewsletter.”

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