When you ask students about Palmy, a majority say that it is boring. That there is nothing to do. That they can’t wait to go somewhere more exciting.





And hey, I was in that exact boat.

But then MASSIVE kicked off it’s daily news updates and I was happily proved wrong.

There is actually a lot happening throughout the area, but sometimes there is just no connection between students that could be interested in attending and the promotion of the event.

And that’s where MASSIVE comes in. Keeping you informed about how not to be bored.

Sometimes it takes a little bit of digging, and a decent amount of hard work, but it will be found somehow, and brought to you through a simple update on your fave social media platform.

Just this week in fact there are former students returning to receive their scrolls and graduate; another Vet fundraiser in the form of the Slave Auction is going to provide entertainment for us all; a Career Expo is being held on campus; and MUSA’s Annual General Meeting takes place, where you get to have your voice heard.

So hey, it might not all involve alcohol, or embarrassing moments of debauchery captured on people’s phones for them to forever be able to tease you with. But, there are things to do. No one can say nothing happens here. Cause it does, but you may just not know about it.

If you hear of anything much happening throughout the area that you think others would enjoy too, let me know at

University is all about trying something new, venturing out of your comfort zone, and other clichéd phrases. So why not actually give things a chance? You may end up enjoying yourself. A lot.



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