No show for photography club

A proposed photography club on the Albany campus has seen lots of interest, but there appear to be no further plans to make the club official.

Heuilin Huang posted on the Albany Students’ Association Facebook page in March, calling for students who were interested in forming the club. She wrote: “I think it’ll be fun to have one for our campus”, adding that one already existed in Wellington, and that the club needed at least seven students “to be officials to start it”.

The post was shared to the association’s timeline, where it garnered six likes.

Huang says she wanted to start the club as she thought it would be nice to organise some photography trips, as well as “encourage students to discover the beauty around them, and get more interest in other events on campus through looking for subjects”.

However, while she had many students interested in becoming members of the club, none were keen on officially running the club. She says she wasn’t planning anything with the club at the moment, as she was too busy.

As for what students could expect, should the club take off, Huang says events such as photo contests or trips to exhibitions would be held, and the club would also look into film.

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