No name change for ASA

By Taryn Dryfhout

The Albany Students’ Association (ASA) will keep its current name after a decision was made not to change it this year.

Earlier in the year, ASA announced it was looking at potentially changing its name to Massey Albany Students’ Association (MASA).

According to ASA President Lance Walsh, it was hoped the change would better reflect who the association represented, and make it clearer for students that it was directly associated with Massey.

However, in a statement, ASA says after much discussion and consultation it had decided against the name change.

“The reason that we are not changing the name for now is because we will focus on growing the ASA name,” the statement says.

“In the future it is likely that the executive for 2018 or 2019 will again revisit the name change and consider the feasibility of it.”

According to ASA president Lance Walsh, “the executive decided it would be better to increase presence via other means basically”.

“The executive think the work and cost required to change the name wouldn’t justify the expect results of what would be the end goal of the ASA,” he says.

“In no way will this stop progress and development being made around the ASA thought.

“Even though there was a 65per cent favour towards changing the name the executive decision was made to not change it.”

He says ASA’s goal for the remainder of 2017 will be to increase the society’s presence on campus and raise awareness for students on how ASA is working to meet their needs and represent them.

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