No fees for first time tertiary students from 2018

Young people entering into their first year of study from next year will pay no fees.

The Labour Party has stayed true to its election promise – all students will receive their first year of tertiary study for free from 2018. The party eventually hopes to offer three free years of study by 2024.

Labour’s Education Minister, Chris Hipkins, Told The Wireless earlier this week that Ministers hoped to have implemented the policy by January.

He told The Wireless that an official announcement could be expected in the next few weeks.

While on the campaign trail earlier this year, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also pledged to implement a $50 raise to allowances and living costs from 2018.

NZ First’s Up Front Investment policy introduces free tertiary education, a universal living allowance and student loan debt write-off for those who work in New Zealand and The Greens’ policy introduces free off-peak public transport and universal postgraduate allowances for students.

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