September 10, 2018
Issue 10 2018

Workshops to help students improve future

New opportunities for students to maximise their potential are on the horizon.

Massey Career Development Consultant, Tariq Habibyar, has created three new workshops to help students through the university to work transition, and get more out of their careers.

Habibyar is passionate about his work and reflects upon the idea of a career as a vehicle.

“It is a vehicle that takes you to places to meet new people, enjoy the journey and experience adventures along the way while getting to know yourself more,” he says.  

He encourages all students to think of their career like this and this is a huge part of his first workshop about entrepreneurship.

He says it’s often a hard term to grasp and wants students to see being an entrepreneur as an opportunity to make the world better.

His second workshop will focus on how students can stay focused and use their energy to focus on creating something special.

The third workshop held by the library is designed to help students navigate the tricky world of job advertisements to help figure out what job suits.

Habibyar has always seen a career as more than making a living and he hopes he can pass this onto students through these workshops.

“I personally believe every human being is unique and their career can be a platform to discover that uniqueness, self-realisation and actualisation journey,” he says.

He says these workshops will hopefully help students realise the power they have to grow as people and make a difference.

“I’d like to have conversations with students about their career journey and their decisions, ideas and what they want to do.”

“Sometimes when you talk to somebody and hear yourself in a different way it can give you more clarity,” he says.

The workshops will be held on September 13, September 19 and October 3. They will also be streamed to both the Manawatu and Albany campuses.

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For more information on the workshops or to arrange a meeting please email