September 10, 2019
Issue 10 2019

The First Nude Vet Photoshoot of 2019 

The first naked photoshoot by second year Vet students for the annual tradition of the ‘Vet Calendar’ has been underway over the past weekend at Mt Taranaki.

The Vet Calendar is an opportunity to raise funds for a weekend of skydiving, white-water rafting, or relaxing at the spa as the students reach halfway through their five year degree.

10% of the money fundraised will be going to the Pet Refuge NZ, a shelter for animals affected by domestic violence.

Vet students Ryan Olsen, Jack Mathews, Robin Tai, Erica Gatland, Korynn Lima and Charlotte Bellaton posed naked in front of the camera for three hours to get the perfect naked shot.

When Massive asked about the experience, Mathews said, “The altitude doesn’t do wonders on your package.” 

However, Olsen was sentimental about it.

 “It was like anything else in vet — if you were anxious or struggled at all, your friends made it easier to get you through it. This was no exception,” he said.

Booths will be set up around the Manawatū campus to sell them, as well as being sold at uni events.

A website is also underway to enable sales and shipping across New Zealand, Australia, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, and Canada.

“We are aiming to get it completed, pressed and printed by December to make for holiday gifts as we’ll all be breaking into the new year. Keep an eye out,” explained Lima.

There are five confirmed sponsors for the calendar: NZ Farming, Kelso, Newflands, NZVA, and MAS. The students are open to any more sponsors to help get the calendar underway.

To get in touch with the organisers, email to discuss rates and any queries regarding the calendar.