June 7, 2018
Issue 6 2018

Students unaware of Massey's fee increases

Students at Massey University may not be aware, but their fees have been slowly but surely increasing over the last few years.

Since 2015, Massey University has been increasing its fees by at least two per cent to meet inflation and overhead costs.

Summer Grierson, a second-year fashion student at Massey University in Wellington, says she only discovered the increase when she went online and browsed through information surrounding New Zealand fees in tertiary education.

"It is scary to think of how much I owe the government while making my way in university so I never checked," she says.

Ethan Seddon-Cope, a second-year creative media production student at Massey University in Wellington, says he was also unaware of the increase.

"Universities have to be more transparent and provide more information," Seddon-Cope says. “It is important to know how much you are paying in the long run in the course of your degree. 

"Every dollar matters to a lot of us university students.”

James Gardiner, Communications Director for Massey University, says the Massey University Council sets the increase every year and the increase is based on several factors.

“It does so base on the annual CPI rates, advice from staff that takes into account the costs of providing qualifications, including bench-marking of Massey’s fees with other universities and the Government’s Annual Maximum Fee Movement decision," Gardiner says.

“The recommendation to Massey’s council regarding fees, also considers the impact of changes in fees on students and advice regarding this is provided by the student associations on behalf of students,” he says.