July 30, 2018
Issue 8 2018

Students conflicted over recent bus discounts

Students are enjoying discounted fares on all bus services but are unhappy with changes to timetables.

Earlier in July full-time tertiary students in Wellington received a 25 per cent discount on all bus, rail and ferry services.

This follows a ‘Fairer Fares’ campaign led by Victoria University Wellington Students’ Association and supported by Massey at Wellington Students’ Association.

Although the discounted fares mean more money in the pockets of students, feedback from students has been mixed.

Massey Communications student, Ashlea Bicknell lives in Paparangi and takes two buses to get to university.

Bicknell says the discount has made a significant difference in her day to day travel and it was easy to load the discount onto her Snapper card.

“I am using the discount because I want to save money on travel because it can get expensive living as far away as I do.

However, Massey Visual Communication Design student, Aria Tongs, says she hasn’t found the discount beneficial at all.

 “I don’t think it’s discounted enough and it isn’t enough for me to put the effort in to load the effort on to my Snapper card,” says Tongs.

She also says the new bus routes means there’s very few buses that travel past Massey now.

“Buses are far and few between to get to Massey,” Tongs says. “There used to be three buses that passed Massey frequently and now one comes every ten minutes.”

Massey Communications Director, James Gardiner, says that 500 Massey students have received the new discount for bus and train services.