May 14, 2018
Issue 5 2018

Students call for easier way to give feedback on campus catering

Students are calling for an easier way to submit feedback about food and beverages served on the Manawatu campus.

On April 26 in the Massey University Students’ Association lounge the floor was opened for students to chat about the food services offered at Massey.

Denis Jenkins, the hospitality manager for Massey across all three campuses, took questions at the forum and noted down student feedback.

This feedback will help form an annual review of food offered both on the Palmerston North and Auckland campuses.

 “We need to get a view from the student body on the food,” said Jenkins. “We want to develop a plan that improves things for both residential and non-residential students.”

Variety, options and value for money were the main issues that came up.

Student and exec member Kyle Fitzgerald said, “for what you pay for you don’t get quality food – value for money is an issue”.

There are also few choices for those with allergies or specific dietary requirements.

Amy Bishop, a student living in the halls, said it’s difficult for students to be heard when they have a complaint about the food.

There’s a Facebook page as a point of contact but it’s not a hugely effective way of communicating.

“Halls students can talk to their RAs, but there’s not much they can do either,” said Bishop.

Jenkins said a touch-screen feedback system trialled in Auckland will potentially be brought to the Manawatu.

“There needs to be a reporting process, health and safety is an issue,” he said.

“If there’s no mechanism for reporting issues then that’s a problem.”

Bishop said she’d heard of issues with the food that people weren’t sure how to report. 

“People need to know that something’s being done if they have a complaint.”

There was a consensus that the dining hall is well run from a sustainability point of view, with a huge reduction in landfill.

Jenkins said he has until the end of May to fill out the report.

“Students should see some changes by second semester,” he said.

“A big part of the review will be a need for student feedback to be made easier to submit.”