June 27, 2019

Student Volunteers Support Dog Adoption Drive

On May 25th, members of the Albany campus’ student accommodation decided to give up their Saturday and volunteer at the Saving Hope Foundation’s Dog Adoption drive.   


The Saving Hope Foundation — established in July 2017 — is a charitable trust that is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming abused and neglected dogs.


Ten staff and residents from Te Ōhanga Village fundraised for Saving Hope by running a sausage sizzle, selling raffle tickets and providing the public with a chance to get professional photos with dogs that the foundation was trying to rehome.


The volunteers were able to raise money for Saving Hope as well as educating members of the public on the importance of adopting, fostering and supporting homeless dogs.


“I thought it was important to give out an education on dogs who don’t come from a breeder,” said volunteer, Claudia Christensen.


“It’s important to look after the dogs that don’t have a home to go to.”


Since being founded, the Saving Hope foundation has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed over 300 dogs with a 100% success rate.


Even if you aren’t in the position to financially support the foundation or adopt a puppy yourself, volunteering is a great way to help the foundation gain both funding and exposure. 


“I felt like it was very rewarding to fundraise for a cause like this,” volunteer, Ashley Bennet said.


“It was just an enjoyable time spending the day in the sun with cute puppies. I just think volunteering puts things in perspective and it’s a rewarding and uplifting time.”


For more information on the Saving Hope Foundation, please visit their website: https://savinghope.co.nz/.