May 27, 2019
Issue 06 2019

Strip club creates enticing employment opportunity for students

After nearly 10 years with no strip club scene, Golden Dragon Girls has recently opened its doors for business at The New Railway Hotel in Palmerston North.

The club was established by business owner Oksana Stewart, who originally started the business as a service for hiring out strippers and waitresses.

It has been said that students could be getting into the strip-scene for extra money, with some students having already raised concerns over the moral concepts of this.

“Everyone will have their own views on whether it is morally okay,” said one student, who wished to remain anonymous.

Massey University Student’ Association President and Head of Security at The Brewer's Apprentice Michael Salmon, understands the vital need for great security.

“My main concern is just around students that get involved for work. I hope they [Golden Dragon Girls] make sure the women are treated well by staff and patrons as well as having good security,” he said.

The temptation of income for students could also double as an empowering job for those who have the body confidence and want to do it.

“I was getting about $200 for three songs and for topless waitering you could get nearly $45 an hour, so if you want to do it then go do it, but I wouldn’t want anyone to be forced into it.” Michael said of his brief experience with stripping.

“I would hope that people working there do have full agency of their bodies and that people can’t just come up and grab what they want.”

Golden Dragon Girls are open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 7pm and through the night until 2am.

There is a dress code and a fee for entry.