July 30, 2018
Issue 8 2018

Old MacDonald kicks off O-Week Events

Old MacDonald’s Mobile Farm visited the Albany campus two weeks ago in celebration of the first day of Orientation Week.

Students who walked into the small float were greeted by a llama, sheep, chickens and week-old kids.

The visit was a hit, with “aw” and the “that’s so cute” echoing from the trailer, as students left the farm smiling. 

Albany Students’ Association President Jason Woodroofe says bringing the Mobile Farm to campus was an awesome success.

“You only needed to see the looks on the faces of students feeding cute baby goats and rabbits to know that people love that kind of thing” he says.

 “Starting semester two can be stressful and spending a few minutes with some cute animals helps to take [students] minds off things for a while.”

Mobile Farm owner Farmer Fleur brought her animals to the Albany Campus with the help of her daughter Maddison.

Their family lives locally, raising the animals on their life-style block.

Choosing the most comfortable, people-friendly pets is a priority for the Old MacDonald crew, creating a pleasant experience for both the visitors and the animals.

Fleur says their star sheep never had a mother and has been bottle fed since birth, making her a perfectly behaved candidate for the job.

Maddison brought along her own goat, who will compete in her primary school’s Calf Club Day.

She sat in the pen with the kid, while another baby goat slept on her lap, turning the adoring adults into mush.

As was made apparent when Canine Friend’s brought their therapy dogs to campus during last semester’s exams, Massey students are not too old or too proud to gush over cute animals.