March 19, 2020

No current plans to close Massey campuses

A Massey University spokesperson has confirmed that there are currently no plans to close any of the university campuses in light of the current COVID-19 climate.

“There are no plans for campus closures at this stage, however we continue to respond to the advice provided by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education,” the spokesperson told Massive.

“The Ministry of Education’s most recent guidance from 17th March, encourages universities to further explore our blended and distance learning options, and we will continue to do so.”

The university has a dedicated ‘COVID-19 working group’ that convenes daily to assess and respond to the latest advice and guidance from ministries.

Students who have a compromised immune system are encouraged to contact their medical treatment provider to get advice that is specific to their situation and needs.

Students that are currently self-isolating and feeling concerned or lonely can contact the Student Counselling team who are available via telephone and Skype to provide support.

Student Health contact details:

Manawatu campus clinic:

Phone: +64 6 350 5533 extn: 85533

Albany campus clinic:

Phone: +64 9 213 6700 extn: 43700

Wellington campus clinic:

Phone: +64 4 979 3030 extn: 63030