August 13, 2018
Issue 9 2018

New signs on Wellington campus promotes humanities and social sciences

Two new signs have been installed on Massey’s Wellington Campus to promote the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and attract potential students to the university.

New signs fitted onto Block 7 on Massey's Wellington campus

The signs have been fitted to the rear end of Block 7 and face onto Tasman Street.

Germana Nicklin, Regional Director for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, says the signs were installed to make the college more visible.

“A lot of people don’t realise that the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is actually in Wellington." Nicklin says. "Even some of our own staff."

“In the past most of the focus has been on CoCA (College of Creative Arts). If people don’t know we’re here they don’t know that we’re a choice,” says Nicklin. 

“If it’s easy to see and get to [the campus] that’s going to help.”

As well as a Bachelor of Communication, the college teaches defence studies, security studies, postgraduate psychology, emergency management, linguistics, English and media studies.

Elspeth Tilley, Associate Professor for the School of English and Media Studies, says she hopes the signs will encourage prospective students to consider studying at Massey’s Wellington Campus.

“We work really hard and do some amazing stuff in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences but it often seems like nobody knows we are even here," she says.

“We get quite a lot of students who don’t know until they arrive that they can do theatre or creative writing or film making.

“The signage is just one part of trying all the different ways we can to try to flag it to people’s attention as a possible option for them so that they know what their choices are.”

Last year 259 students were studying internally at the college in Wellington. Wellington staff also taught and ran block courses for some of the 2500 distance students studying courses within the college.

The signs were installed over two and a half days in late June and cost $12,312.