November 29, 2018
Issue 12 2018

New Editor for Massive Magazine announced

Recent Massey University graduate Laura Macdonald will take over editorship of Massive Magazine from January 2019.

Laura is familiar with the magazine, having written feature articles for Massive whilst studying for her Bachelor of Communication in Palmerston North before finishing her degree in July this year.

“Journalism was only my minor at university, but I always knew I wanted to pursue it as a career once I graduated. I thought I might get a junior reporter role for a local newspaper at best once I finished – but landing a position like Managing Editor for a magazine I loved during uni was just unbelievable.”

The 21-year-old Taranaki native is looking forward to working with a talented team of contributors and urges anyone with new ideas to come forward.

“Massive Magazine is all about the student voice and I want to squeeze everyone’s opinions, stories and news tips in.

“Having just graduated myself, I still relate to student issues and think it’s so important to represent them in our media.”

Laura is particularly passionate about student healthcare, housing and financial issues. Outside of work, she has a few other interests.

“After finishing up at uni, I spent five months working at a horse racing stables in Cambridge.

“I loved the horses and the quiet rural lifestyle, so moving to the big city could be a culture shock.”

Having only ever lived in Inglewood, Cambridge and Palmerston North, Laura is curious as to what a city with more than one shopping mall could possibly have on offer.

“When I’m not in the office, I’ll be spending my weekends between horse riding schools, cocktail bars and the nearest eatery that serves kebabs.”

Laura will be taking over from Nikki Papatsoumas, who has reigned as Managing Editor for the past two years.